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Contact Makuto at:

Address: C/ Tiña, 18, 18010 Granada

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday de 8.00 a 00.00

Phone: (+34) 958 805 876


Skype: makuto.guesthouse.granada

GPS 37.1800457,-3.5956531

If we do not have web availability contact us by email or phone. Sure we can make room 4 you or help you find an alternative good accommodation. WE WAIT FOR YOU !


Hostel Granada Makuto Guesthouse 55

Makuto was born in 2003 after going around the world touring America and Asia. We are seasoned travelers and know how good it is to get to a place where you can relax and feel at home, that’s Makuto Guesthouse philosophy. We are a small charming hostel, nestled at the most emblematic neighborhood of Granada, where the most important thing is You.


Sonia: I was born in Barcelona, but I grew up in a village in Huesca (north of Spain), Barbastro. I am Economist. I have the traveler’s itch deep inside and I love meeting people from around the world. Cheerful, stubborn, mother, … I love challenges and everything related to new technologies. I enjoy traveling and bringing the best from each experience to Makuto.


Antonio: I am from Madrid. Advertiser, extremely witty and full of surprises. I can be as nice and friendly as a cartoon or terrible and rude as a Gremlin. I like anything that requires imagination and people skills, and although I can sometimes be more pessimistic than a politician in the opposition, I am tremendously vital and humorous. I am passionate about traveling, more than a hobby has become a philosophy of life.